we all have grammatical/spelling shortcomings, right? well, most of us. now, i can use the correct there/their/they’re, but for some reason i have a problem with straight vs. strait. one of them exclusively talks about water. the other one is what i mean 99% of the time. now that i’ve gotten that off of my chest, maybe i can start to get it straight?


thrifty! dress (f21)
j. crew! cardigan, tights
gifty! boots

My creation

i did a little dance, too, cuz it was cold, but it didn’t photograph quite as well:

i took some outfit pictures last week, but then as i was editing them, my computer crashed and ate them, and now the program freezes everytime i try to access them. HOORAY!

coming soon to a blog near you:
-FO’s!!!! hopefully multiple!
-clothing! i wear it everyday! i could document it some more!