tomorrow is thanksgiving, and i’m dropping off the radar for the day, so quick knits is moved up to wednesday!

i have not really delved into the world of knitted toys, but when i see projects like these below, they make me want to dive into my stash immediately to start looking for materials.

for whatever reason, as i was typing up this post, i kept thinking of companion books that could be gifted with these toys, so i tossed a few titles in here, too. i love the idea of a little bundled package of related presents.

knitxcore‘s tilly the mouse! i like little rodents of all varieties, and look how cute tilly is!

mrs frisby and the rats of nimh, stuart little

(EDIT: oh my gorsh! i can’t believe i forgot my *absolute favorite* mouse story in that list!!!!! the tale of despereaux! such a great story.)

kelly-ann‘s hugable hedgehog. best use of fun fur yarn EVER.

elegance of the hedgehog, tale of mrs. tiggy-winkle

spiderwomanknits‘s elefante.

for the record, this pattern is free! such a cute little elephant! and while on a general scale of animals, i like elephants fairly well, i apparently love knitted elephants, because i was tempted to add two more elephant patterns: elijah and oliphaunt.

babar, elephant and piggie

alicekathryn‘s supersized backyard critters fox family. check her felted matrioshka’s, too, they are Ah-mazing!

fantastic mr. fox

i’m really excited for thanksgiving! i hope y’all have great ones, too! and for you non-americans, well… have a fab thursday!