i thought i’d better sneak cowls in while we still have a bit of time. less time intensive than scarves, with no chance of ‘second sock syndrome’, but still substantial, and completely in the round (okay, not all of them, but the ones below), cowls are a great present to knit. i have, just this year, succumbed to the fun of cowl knitting.

botzy‘s rococo cowl (state street cowl)

does anyone else immediately get arcade fire stuck in their head whenever they hear/read the word ‘rococo’? this cowl could be even pretty last minute, it uses super chunky yarn and size 15 needles.

tanisfiberart‘s stockholm scarf, using her own gorgeous yarn (free pattern!)

this one would be the most time intensive of the ones up this week. but i see no reason why this pattern wouldn’t work just as well knit up with fewer stitches on a heavier yarn and still look fabulous, if you need a wee shortcut.

wovenhand‘s asheville cowl (honey cowl, free pattern!)

i’ve had my eye on the honey cowl for a while. the results are consistently beautiful and wearable. and you should know by now that i’m a sucker for any project in the ‘old gold/fancy mustard’ color range.

barefootrooser‘s handspun eternity cowl (eternity cowl)

oh handspun! it elevates any project. i can tell you from personal experience that this cowl is easy to memorize, and totally addicting to knit.

have you made any of these? have any of these been waiting patiently in your queue? which is your fave cowl?