lands end aqua tee shirt
borrowed black scarf
my favorite thrifty resource (lennie) grey cardigan & boots
j. crew navy cords

got fancy today. lipstick AND painted my nails.
yesterday i put a twisty tie around my finger, and it stayed there all day long, i liked it so well. so when i got home, i dug through my jewelry collection and found a really old squeeze-to-fit ring from probably middle school. i like it. i’m getting slightly better at painting my own nails.

you can also see the scar on my pinkie knuckle from the time i took a flying face (& hand) plant caused by untied shoe laces while running for the school bus. i didn’t make the bus. if my life was arrested developement, george sr. would find a way to turn that into an epic lesson. ‘and that’s why you always tie your shoes!’ considering how many years of dance and ballet i took as a kid, i’m remarkably clumsy.

in knitting news:
My creation
does that slipper look familiar? yeah, i took my own quick knits advice! that’s good right? don’t give advice you wouldn’t follow. the righthand picture is a star-crossed beret, named nemesis after my current favorite pair of star-crossed… friends? lovers? enemies? you decide.