i find with every passing year, i get a little more festive. about every holiday. and i LOVE me a christmas tree. most of my childhood and young adulthood involved fake trees. pulled out from storage at the right time, they were incredibly convenient. but where oh where is the romance in convenience? don’t bother looking, it ain’t there.


at this point in my life i don’t mind wrestling a real tree. i don’t mind finding pine needles all year long every time i clean.

i love the hunt. i love the smell. i love putting on some corny movie to partially watch. i love unwrapping the ornaments. some from jake’s childhood and family, and some from mine. and some that we have accumulated together.


it’s grand, innit?


some details. apparently it’s really hard to find a christmas tree after 5 pm on a sunday night. who knew? we tried about three places, and fortunately, lowe’s was open til 7. so at 6:55 we scampered into lowe’s, didn’t get too picky in our selection, and walked out with a christmas tree. her name is agatha christ-tree. because i enjoy amusing myself. we don’t have a proper tree topper (yet), so we’ve been using this owl piggy bank. i have tenative plans to spray paint it silver. maybe. for now i’m perfectly pleased with it the way it is.

how goes your holiday decorating? knitting? gift-purchasing? baking?