i’m back! we’re home! hooray!

what a wonderful trip. and how wonderful to return home.

want to know what all we did? this weeks update probably shows it best:

we brought back some spoils, of course.

who knows what that is?


i like smooshed pennies. i collect them on my journeys. i have them from such illustrious locations as ‘worlds largest truck stop’. jealous? yes, i would be too. it was a very large truck stop, indeed.


i forgot to find a good one in disney’s ‘magic kingdom’, and as far as i could tell, there weren’t any specific to the wizarding world of harry potter. i hope someday to make an awesome garland of them like this.

of course i researched yarn shops in the area, and one free afternoon, jake and i went gallivanting out to sip and knit, just northeast of orlando. i walked away with these:


on the left is shenanigans yarn, laceweight, 50% kid mohair, 50% merino, 1000 yds in gunsmoke, a gentle grey-lavender. on the right is scarlet fleece grassy wool, fingering, 65% superwash merino and 35% bamboo in log cabin. i don’t have any particular plans for the laceweight, but the fingering is earmarked for jake’s next pair of socks, as it is soft soft soft and won’t bother his wool sensitivity, and such a fab masculine color.

i did some knitting, of course, though not as much as i expected to. that will have to wait for another post, though.

what do you collect for souvenirs? crushed pennies like me? magnets like my brother and sister in law? iconic photographs?