i’m in the middle of the 30 for 30 and i’m feeling in a bit of a rut. boring basic outfits is what i want right now. it’s time to branch out into some of my more exciting pieces, and convince myself that wearing a skirt isn’t actually an annoying or difficult thing to do. i’m a third of the way in, and five pieces haven’t even been called into play! hup to, eliza! break out those two striped shirts, the purple v-neck, heels, and white skirt! don’t be a pansy!

in other news, here’s a different angle than you ever get to see of our place:


lands end cabled professorial cardigan
loft thrifted shell
canvas dark autumn orange cords
target black brogues


i tried jumping, because robbie has been making it look so fun and easy recently, but it isn’t easy. of course, if i was doing this in better lighting, the shutter speed would be higher, and that would help! after several tries, i took pity on the downstairs neighbors and stopped.

a more up to date picture of sweater progress:


i’m really really really excited about this sweater, you guys. i like the way it fits, my v-neck decreases look like they worked out really well. and i’m in the home stretch, now. i think i’m going to sew in all of the ends and sew up the underarms before i pick up stitches for the ribbed edging around the neck, so that i can have some of the annoying finishing behind me when it’s done.

any words of encouragement for my 30 for 30 slump? any great outfit ideas?