i’ve been seeing fave friday floating around recently, and i thought to myself ‘that looks fun!’ so i thought i’d give it a go!

favorite characters ‘calvin-&-hobbs’d’

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downton abbey

guys, you’ve heard it and you’ve heard and you’ve heard it, i’m sure. i’m just sayin’ it because i LOVE it. and in case you just needed to hear it from one more person. or in case you were waiting to hear it from me. this is the good stuff.

awesome nails

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pinterest is terrible wonderful inspiration. and i, as a life long nail biter, unable to maintain painted nails for more than 48 hours, love love love the crazy awesome nail inspiration wafting around. especially ones like this, which i think i could actually do.

these earrings

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i think they are totally rockin. yeah, i just said that. try and make me take it back!

what’s rockin your world this week?