unknown gifted scarf
gap thrifted sweater
ann taylor thrifted blazer
canvas bag
lands end white skirt
j. crew belt and boots
starbucks grande wet cappuccino with two sugars in the raw

oh well!

i tried and tried and tried to make an outfit with this white skirt based off of my inspiration. i finally succeeded in making an outfit once i realized… i can’t tuck shirts into this skirt, and i can’t belt this skirt. it’s comfortable, and it fits well, but it just hits the wrong area on me. once i started wearing things over it, things went much smoother and i found this outfit.


true story. i also found the awesomest rockingest pair of boots yesterday… and now i want to swap out for a new sweater and a new pair of boots. le sigh. i shall be strong.

(thanks to jillie for taking pics!)