ann taylor thrifted blazer
j. crew gingham shirt
thrifted belt
canvas orange cords
target black brogues

as excited as i was to get them, i feel like it’s taken me a couple of tries to figure out what to do with these orange skinnies.

now, i promised you thrifty finds, did i not?!

thrifted sweaters!

y’all remember that stack o’ sweaters that i found for $1.50 each, right? well, left to right, top then bottom. 1) the stack, obvo. 2) l.l. bean 3) loft (it has buttons on the sleeves!) 4) gant (??? but it’s 100% shetland) 5) gap 6) forever21 (i always feel a little sheepish when i end up thrifting forever21… it’s so cheap to begin with… but what can you do!)


a couple o’ belts. i’m actually wearing the gunmetal one in my outfit!

and! my favorite, found at a different thrift store on a different day:


these absolutely fabulous creamy boots that have just the right amount of amazing.

and now i need to stop thrifting for a little while. at least until the 30 for 30 is over, and i can have access to my full wardrobe again.