instead of doing a fave friday like last week, where i showed you various things i currently love, i thought this week i might show you various pictures of one thing i currently love….

little stools. at my grandparents house there are loads of little stools floating around, perfect for throwing your feet up, or grabbing a seat while shuffling through a lower shelf, or tossing your current book or magazine on, or helping short people get to high places, or a wee personal coffee table. when i was a little girl, i loved them. they were the perfect size for me. recently, that love has resurged, and i just don’t understand why i don’t have like a half dozen little old stools to trip over around the house…

wood & wool stool eileen
via wood & wool stool

via the brick house

via remodelista

how do you feel about little stools?

also coming up is march! i mentioned briefly at the beginning of this month an interest in trying a photo a day challenge, and i think i’m gonna give it a shot! there’s going to be a little overlap with the end of my 30 for 30, but i think it should work out okay.