business first, fun later, whaddya say?


banana republic grey boatneck tee
j. crew belt, pants
target shoes

mlle underbite

a bonus pic, despite obvious underbite, because my ponytail is so charmingly fluffy. now, onto the fun!

my winnings!

i got yarn! specifically, i won it! from ness & john of bunnies and bettas! thanks, guys! dream in color classy, which i looooove, in raspberry blaze (it is slightly more pinky-raspberry than this picture makes it seem, but dang! dark reds are the hardest to photograph!). i’m not sure what it’s destined for yet… any thoughts?

in other fiber-y news, i had a fiber-y guest last night! and with her were many many fiber-y things, which i oohed and ahhed over and petted copiously, but one of them in particular…

not my knitting

her slightly scarf! how prettttttttttty is it?!

not my knitting

look at the fringe! the beads! laceweight, knit up on size 0’s! yowza! those tiny stitches! the miniature stripes! swoon! plus, let us not ignore that friggin’ sweet little owl pin! as she sweetly gave me some copies of her hexi-puff charts, i forsee many little knitted pins in my future!

not my knitting

EDIT: that owl badge has a pattern! it is free! hurray!