Source: via Eliza @ ifandany on Pinterest

geninne’s art blog. i love everything. i love it all. i need to start drawing again. i miss it.

tanis‘s fabulous vest. i am waiting with bated breathe for the pattern release. not that i have yarn for it. ooh, i should go find some yarn for it! i found this via hark a vagrant’s tumblr, and now every computer i have access to has one of these images as a desktop. i’m a sucker for big skies and little houses, what can i say?

Source: via Eliza @ ifandany on Pinterest

this fabulous guide to taking apart sweaters for their yarn. so much good information! if that’s something you’re interested in, check it out.

the scissors. yvonne (the girl in the band) is a friend of ours and their band is working it’s way through the international battle of the bands! we went out to see them on wednesday night, and it was awesome. also awesome: jake and chris both ordered hurricanes, and i, the only girl, got a pint of beer. i was tickled by that.