my bedside. i dislike this lamp… but it works consistently, and that is more than i can say for my chosen bedside lamp. i recently pinned a lamp rewiring tutorial, so maybe i’ll give it a shot sometime and fix up my pretty lamp. i also love me some frack hack, but i also know myself well enough to know that it’s doubtful that the bed will stay in exactly the same spot…

other things about my bedside table: my father-in-law made the headboard and each of our bedside tables. i traded with a girl in my ceramics class for the little bowl.

i’ve been busy this weekend, doing things, fixing things, making things, but also drilling holes that didn’t work out, and making messes that will take a bit to clean up. bah humbug. but let’s focus on the positive, shall we?

brussel sprouts with garlic and fried eggs

but i made brussel sprouts with garlic, and jake fried up the eggs. recipe from nat the fat rat, and i hung this knife rack very successfully, though! slowly but surely, i’m buying us more counter space!

brussel sprouts with garlic and fried eggs

i’ll get some pictures of some of the other things i accomplished this weekend and share them with you!