there’s a distinct possibility that i used this same title for the 29th outfit of both of my previous 30 for 30’s (i can’t be arsed to go find out, though… forgive me?), sans the ‘& smile’, of course. penultimate is one of those words that i go out of my way to use… natural opportunities don’t arise as often as this excellent word deserves.


gap thrifted shirt
target jeans, brogues

this is actually the outfit from the one day i didn’t get pictures. i re-donned it because i was feeling un-inspired and a little rushed. i would classify this as one of those ‘looks better in the mirror than the camera’ outfits…

i tried taking today’s photo challenge picture (smile). i want to give you guys a real smile, which is very difficult to do when one is conscious that there is a camera on them. so… here’s the one i took today:

(i was perusing this to try and make real smilies, btw)

but here’s the one i think should be considered today’s photo challenge:


from august, at a friends wedding. jake and i were both cracking up, and i think this is about as un-self-conscious of a smile as i have ever caught on myself.

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