30 for 30 round up

see my selection here.

the heels got absolutely no game time. i think having non-boot heels in a winter remix was perhaps a little silly of me. another no-show? my purple shirt. i don’t even know why. it just never became a part of any outfit?

i’m actually a little surprised at how flexible my blue dress turned out to be. and that the orange cords gave my skinny jeans a run for their money. (i’m mixing metaphors like nobody’s business over here! i hope none of y’all are grading me like an english teacher.)

every one of these 30 for 30’s teaches me something. i pair some new things, even if they never make it to the picture stage, figure out what i have enough of, and what i have too little of. slowly, oh so slowly, i am figuring out how to look put together, while staying totally comfortable, looking the most polished for the least effort. these are the things i want.

for a spring 30 for 30, i’m thinking i might start mid-april. maybe even april 15? i know a few people expressed some interest in this over the course of this 30 for 30. i’m so pleased that i got to do this 30 for 30 with rebecca and ness. it really helps me to stay motivated if people i know are taking on the same challenges. so… i hope some of you will perhaps join me in the spring for another 30 for 30?

todays march-photo-a-day: 5 pm


home and working on various small projects, spreading them out around me like any good nester would. mid-afternoon snooziness led to late-afternoon coffee. if the crazy orange watch (that jake won for answering a burn notice question) in the background were in focus, you would see it was 5:00 on the nose. i was grumpified to find that this picture was slightly shaky when i pulled it into the computer.

TOMORROW! tomorrow is my birthday! yay! i only mention it because tomorrow… i have a present for one of YOU! oooOOOoooh! MYSTERY! come find out more…. TOMORROW!

okay, i’m getting silly now. time to step away from the blog.