oh, guys! i’m excited…. i’m nervous…. i hope you like it… it’s my first ever giveaway.

so let me tell you a story. a story about a sweater. i found this sweater while i was wandering around the overpriced thrift store that is the only thrift store that is actually near me. i was browsing their inventory and grumbling to myself about their prices like the grumpy old men i get along with so well, and i found these two gorgeous, sumptuous mens xxl aran sweaters:


and even though i thought the price was a little silly, i knew how much that kind of yardage of that quality of yarn would cost me at a yarn store. so i bought them up. and brought them home with me, and started unraveling the more exotically fibered of the two:


with no particular intentions for the yarn, it just got added to my stash. around thanksgiving, i had the idea to do a giveaway for my blogiversary. and then my bloggy-friend, rebecca (she has been mentioned quite a bit recently, because she did the 30 for 30 with me) started dying and selling yarn in her own etsy shop. i mulled… i thought it over… and i asked her if she would be interested in dying some yarn for my blog giveaway! she said yes! so i sent her the yarn, we talked about colors, she dyed the yarn, and sent it back to me! i know i just told that part very quickly, but it took a little bit to actually happen.


i got the yarn back a while ago, and i was immediately obsessed! the colors! so gorgeous! so fabulous! such a great mix of quiet and interesting! so many of my favorites showed up in different lights: grey, lavender, mushroom, hints of old gold… but because i had the idea late in the game, and things take time, the blogiversary had passed… so now i just needed to wait for an occasion for the giveaway. so i figured… why not give one of you guys the gift of yarn for my birthday?


six skeins… of aran weight yarn… according to the sweaters label, this is: 72% silk, 13% nylon, 11% mohair, 4% other fiber… for a total of 1485 yds! holy wow! so much sumptuous yarn! and it could be alllllll yours!

‘what do i have to do?’ you ask!

leave me a comment on this post and put ‘YARN ME’ somewhere in that comment.

the giveaway will be open for one week, and will end tuesday night, march 13, at 11:59pm. i will then pull a name out of a hat, or use a random number generator or one of those things you do to determine winners of raffles and giveaways!

as an added bonus, rebecca is offering up a 10% discount to readers of my blog for her etsy shop, if you put in the code INFANDANY10. i’m particularly enamored with the seaglass fingering weight yarn and the foxtail falkland spinning fiber!