whoa. sometimes i don’t mean to take a blogging break, but then life just pulls me into the thick of things and i don’t get a chance to blog. as a result, i am also behind on my photo challenge. sowwy, photo challenge. i’ll get back to you guys with that in a bit.

now that my 30 for 30 is over, i have been enjoying not having to take pictures of myself every single day. but i thought it was time for the return of daily duds!


i opened up abode illustrator to get all fancy with the arrows and everything, and then realized that once more, i’m a poster girl for j. crew… and if all of the arrows say basically the same thing, that’s not as fun.

nordstrum’s awesome hat (birthday present)
aubepine pyrite earrings (birthday present)
j. crew outlet elephant necklace
j. crew graphite yoga cardigan, black lace tee (birthday present), navy cords
sources unknown motorcycle boots


you know when you get lots of awesome presents and you kind of want to use everything at once? sometimes it doesn’t work, because, i dunno, one is purple and the other is orange, and they just don’t play well together? that wasn’t a problem for me. well, okay, so i’m not wearing the multi colored plaid shirt and the gold sparkly belt that were also presents… but these three played nice together!


rebecca was talking about the rule against wearing navy and black together recently, and i’m not sure if it’s just that no one ever told me this rule, or in my high school rebellious phase, i decided that wearing navy and black was one of my fave color combinations, but i have never felt a taboo against it.