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so, the other weekend, when i was quite productive, this is one of the projects i accomplished…

i started with this thrifted spice rack:


which i spent maybe $1.50 on. i quickly wiped it down with a moist cloth to clean it off, and when it was dry, i sanded it down with a fine grit sandpaper.

then i took my 2″ angled brush and a tiny pot of sample paint that i got way way back in the day, when we bought paint for the living room. i thought it was more of a teal blue, but it dried more of a mediterranean blue. i painted three coats, trying to keep them thin and even.


i got the idea from this pin (originally from this source). this is for caitlin, who has way more nail polish than me. this is *literally* all of the nail polish i own. hahaha! largest parts dark colors and sparklies, with one obligatory red and pink… that’s me! if i want something different, i go peruse caitlin’s collection anyways!