day 10- loud


it’s been gorgeous here the last couple of days. and the time shift last weekend means that it’s still light when i get off of work. so i’ve been celebrating by taking the scenic route home, with the windows open and the music loud. i’ve been switching between elbow’s ‘build a rocket boys’ and the pictured mix that i got as a birthday present, depending on my mood. here is one of my favorite tracks from the mix. (i really like the aesthetic of the music video, too.)

day 11- someone i talked to today

someone i talked to today

mart. i usually get to talk to her about three times a week. but we don’t hang out enough. sad but true.

day 12- fork

day 12- fork

i really like our mismatched silverware. when i was packing to move in to our apartment, grandma and i went through some of the stuff they have in the basement, remnants from various relatives households from long ago, random bits and bobs left from once complete collections, and i cobbled together a fantastic collection of silver. (probably mostly plated, though i have no idea. all in definite need of a polish, though.)