13- a sign

13- sign

the lake was fighting the good weather the other day. it was cool and misty, and quite pretty.

14- clouds

14- cloud

15- car

15- car

i haven’t made many additions to my car, except for this tiny little dia de los muertos lookin’ doll we got out of a little quarter vending machine somewhere in southern indiana on our way to florida.

this is the first car i got to choose. i bought my first car for $100 instead of going to prom. it was a great old minivan that two kids had learned to drive on before me. i named it tobey. my second car was bought out of necessity just out of college, from an uncle because the price was right. that was the beast. but when that one died, i got to go to an actual car dealership (secondhand) and look at multiple cars, weigh the pros and cons, but also test drive and get a feel for what i wanted. it was very exciting (and a little stressful), but i’ve had rowena for a little over a year and i love her.

16- sunglasses


so this is a face i sometimes make. still wearing my birthday earrings. the sunglasses are forever21, because i only buy cheap sunglasses. until i manage to keep sunglasses for an extended period of time (in good condition), i won’t spend much on sunglasses.

17- green

17- green

how was your st. patricks day, guys?