wiw-feels like summer

j. crew striped baseball tee and jeans
thrifted cowboy belt and orange stamped leather huaraches
gifted birthday earrings and seiko watch

i went to a friends house to take pictures of their apartment, which i intend to share with you guys, in the hopes that you find it as inspiring as i do! while i was there, i grabbed the above shot of my outfit. i’ve got some editing down of photo selection to do, but i’m excited about it!

18- corner of my home

18-corner of my home

it’s a little different than the last time you saw this corner. the mask is buckminster fuller, from the most recent driftless pony club album release show (he wrote a series of essays that inspired the album buckminster, so they handed out masks). also we got new chairs, which have the added benefits of being a) way more attractive b) way more comfortable c) generally awesome.