day 21- delicious


dinner! bangers and mash! with baked beans and beer! i forgot to take this picture right away, so i’d had one bite…

day 22- kitchen sink

my sink

you’ve seen it before, and you’ll see it again. i found that marble cutting board thrifting. i like that it adds a bit of luxe to the kitchen. before moving into this apartment, i’d never really had my own kitchen, as i was always sharing with my grandparents or roommates. it caught me by surprise just how much i love having a kitchen, collecting cooking tools or random kitchen-y things (i have a surplus of cream pitchers & sugar bowls. and salt & pepper shakers. and teapots.) i love thinking about use of the space, and the best layout, and making tiny improvements. and while i never minded cooking before, having a kitchen of my own really made me enjoy puttering around and cooking more. i still have a lot to learn about cooking, but i do much more, much better than i did before.

in other news, remember this hat that i made? and how i sent it to vanawesone? well, he just made a video that very heavily features the hat i made him! so… i’m sharing it with you guys!