it’s been too long, friends, since my last daydream knitting post. i’ve been thinking about them, to be sure.

i never would have known this book existed, but i was playing follow the links through the internet and found a blog post (goodness knows where, i don’t think i could find it again if i wanted to) where someone was waxing poetic about this being one of their favorite books growing up, and describing it in a way that made it sound just right for me.

i love cassandra, the main character and protagonist. i’m not certain, now, if i was just like her, or if i just wanted to be like her, but this variety of dreamy, imaginative, well-intentioned but questionable decision-making and poetic character, these were among my favorite characters… sara crewe, emily starr, etc. so despite that i read this book for the first time in my 20’s, there was a quality of rediscovering an old friend as i read it.

the film is lovely, a fairly good adaptation, as far as these things go, and has some lovely knits in it. here are rose and cassandra in the village, and i thought rose’s blue hat, a fairly simple beret, with purled stripes, was charming.

(the picture links to the source. it’s from kris atomic. here’s another group of screenshots of the movie if you feel like feasting your eyes on some more pretties.)

among the many things i love about british period dramas is their absolute reliability to have some sweet knits in them. (why doesn’t downton abbey?! i desperately want to do a daydream knitting about it…)

speaking of sara crewe, my old book group has decided to sputter back to life (huzzah!), and we’re kicking it off with a little princess, and i couldn’t be happier.