i have had a fairly steady stream of yarn acquisitioning recently. behold:

more loft for my birthday:


the blue was from christmas, but my pictures didn’t do it justice, so i hauled it back out to model with it’s birthday counterpart. it’s so pretty you need more pictures, you say?



ooh, dreamy! with 825 yds of each color, i’m hoping to make the sweater equivalent to my favorite striped shirt.

also new:


ooh, ursula’s alcove kettle sock yarn in teal, with a staggeringly generous 560 yds. no specific plans for this one yet, and too many potential ideas to sensibly tell you about. yet.

jake’s birthday present for me:

malabrigo- paris night

5 skeins of malabrigo worsted weight yarn in paris night, one of my favorite colors! what is this destined to become? i can’t be 100% sure, but i sure have been drooling over this sweater recently…

and in case you thought this just wasn’t enough! there’s more! my momma brought me some randomly inherited boxes full of yarn!

inherited yarn

this actually only represents about 1/3 of the yarn she brought me… i sent a lot of it down the line to my grandma, who knits prayer shawls for the church, and she can use it or disperse it as she likes.

the one i’m most excited about is the bottom left corner… you only see three, but there’s actually 14 skeins of discontinued reynolds icelandic homespun. it could be… anything!

all my work last year of stash busting is now moot. i think it’s time to think about getting rid of some yarn in a non-knitting fashion. and if i keep acquiring at this rate, it might also be time to start up the official stash busting quest once more.