baby blanket done! by done, i mean i’ve finished the knitting and it’s spread out over the bed, blocking!

wool leave-blocking

i’ll get some FO shots in the next couple of days.

wool leaves-blocking

i’ve been having a little blogging block recently. i’m wearing clothes, i’m knitting away, but i don’t feel like documenting it, or talking about any of it. does that ever happen to you guys? anyways, i’m trying to work through it. any suggestions?

i’d love to start up my choose your own adventure knitting again, but for another month or so, most of my knitting is preordained.

i dropped that march photo a day like a hot potato. sorry, photo a day…

coming up soon is: 30 for 30 spring edition! i’m still planning on starting april 15. who’s with me? i know a couple of you guys expressed interest in giving it a shot.