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i was poking around the blog where i found screenshots for the daydream knitting post earlier this week, and i found this extra fantastic post of vintage group pictures. there are lots of amazing pictures in there, but for some reason, this picture of a kindergarten class where it is just plain too sunny for anyone struck me as hilarious.

this article on norman rockwell & race had me thinking a long time about the topics it brought up. a really interesting look at the civil rights movement and also the artists power and lack thereof in terms of politics or social change. brought to my attention by the ever vigilant kate beaton (<–that link is her tumblr. here's her main website).

Source: avatar.wikia.com via Eliza @ ifandany on Pinterest

coming soon to a television near you: avatar the last airbender follow up series: legend of korra (!!!!!). i’m a *little* excited.

Source: etsy.com via Eliza @ ifandany on Pinterest

i keep seeing really excellent bags and purses that i really want to try my hand at making some… maybe colorwork knitting & felting? maybe felting then embroidery? possibly with thrifted leather belts for handles? maybe all of the above? as i mentioned before, though, i won’t have a chance to play with my knitting for a little bit yet. image shown is from bookhou’s inspiring store.

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morse code necklace! from coatt jewelry. isn’t it lovely? so delicate and awesome!