i don’t really have my own parlance yet for this type of blog post, so i’m just gonna mish-mash and steal others until something sticks.

look at these cute t-shirts from dowdy studios! one sheepish girl is doing a giveaway, if you feel like trying your luck! entries are open through tomorrow (better get on that).

i personally like the foxy fox and the viking wooden beard the best, but there’s some other fab options!

Source: philnoto.tumblr.com via Eliza @ ifandany on Pinterest

game of thrones! season one recently came out on dvd (uh, we only watch tv on dvd), and i’m loving it! high fantasy! fantasy politics! so much more palatable than real politics! daenerys (pictured above, in fan art by phil noto) isn’t my favesies, that’d probably be arya (little girl who defies expectations!) or tyrion (i’ve loved peter dinklage since living in oblivion and the station agent). and, hey! if you want more game of thrones fanart, geek tyrant did a great roundup here!

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emily henderson’s new blue office makeover. love this palette: rich blue, bright white, kelly green with touches of gold. excelllllent!

the wickerwork sweater, by michele wang, from quince & co. i’m a little obsessed with everything quince & co recently. the immie tee i’m working on is one of theirs, as was the avery cowl. the style is simple, classic, but also fresh and modern. i lllllove it. i’ve never worked with their yarn, but maybe it’s time for that to change? but back to the wickerwork sweater, i’m extra in love with it. every time i look at pictures of it, i want to cast on for it immediately.

Source: theliterarygiftcompany.com via Eliza @ ifandany on Pinterest

i found this cute tote when i was peeking around the internet for screen shots from i capture the castle for my daydream knitting post a bit ago.

i’ve really been enjoying reading the knit and crochet blog week posts that have been turning up on my blogroll! i didn’t know it was coming until it was upon us, so i’m not participating. maybe next year!

other internet-y things: rebecca is having a giveaway of her hand-dyed yarn! check out her blog to enter!

what have you guys found recently that you are loving? anything you think i would like?