have you been missing my outfits? they’ve been quite boring, i assure you. you only get to see outfits i put an ounce of effort into. today i went so far as to put on accessories, so it seemed like it was time to renew documentation!

black & blue, tried & true

thrifted jones new york cardigan, gunmetal belt
i haven’t a clue this grey t-shirt. where did it come from?
t rex, the dinosaur themed restaurant my necklace
grandpa the watch
a tiny fair trade store my gigantor ring!
plato’s closet delia’s black jeans
galeria grey wingtips

i hope you weren’t looking at any of my clothing sources in the hopes of actually finding the same pieces of clothing… blue, grey, and black, these are my fallback colors. they make up the majority of my wardrobe. you’ve probably already sussed that out!

fancy nails

haha, i didn’t realize that you can see where our kitchen tile recently fell down… i need to get on that! anyways, i was trying to take pictures of my fancy nails and the light and the camera were not playing nice.

fancy nails + favorite ring

i have this annoying thing that happens… the less money i have to spend, the more frivolous things i want. it was the case with this ring, which i found for $7 at a fair trade store. who needs lunch tomorrow when you could have a ring today?