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delia’s sweater & pants old navy sandals

you’ve technically seen this outfit before. sorry! i wasn’t thinking about that when i made my selections…

the crossbody purse was a thrifty find that i like quite a bit (unlike my smaller one, this can actually hold a book. or my wallet.). the strap broke later that night. i might fix it with a safety pin. do you think anyone will notice? because while i like the style of a clutch, i get sick of having to constantly clutch it.


jake told me to pose like it was my senior year portrait.

we took our bikes out for the first time this year and biked over to some public gardens nearby. so pretty! we will definitely be doing that again. there’s a hill on the ride back, though, that made my legs feel wobbly for the rest of the evening. sheesh. my cycling muscles are definitely not up to snuff. that hill was pretty steep, though, too.


old navy dress & sandals target belt


i realized you haven’t seen the top of this dress yet! and no better day for it than when we’re expected to get to the mid-nineties.


where, you might be wondering, did outfit 13 go? did she decided to chuck it because it’s an unlucky number? nah. yesterday’s outfit never got documented because we were so. dang. busy. all day long. i shall re-don it for documentation. possibly tomorrow. which will be outfit 15! can you believe how quickly this remix has gone? me neither!


delicate, feminine, modern, a little whimsical. isn’t this necklace great? i’ve been a fan of dark yet sunny jewelry for a couple of years now…

recently found jennifer hom, and lovelovelove her style. zipping through her blog makes me want to MAKE! i haven’t been drawing enough…

just found out about smitten kitchen‘s homemade oreo recipe. i’m trying to be good about what i eat right now, but knowledge of this recipe’s existence is sorely tempting me. maybe i need to make these for someone else. and then ‘test’ them. or maybe i just need to pretend i live in a world where i don’t know about the existence of this recipe.

have you seen these gorgeous oriental express pumps from ruche? i have a bit of a crush on them right now… they remind me of dowbton abbey, or of… jean-pierre jeunet’s chanel no. 5 commercial featuring audrey tautou:

so sumptuous!


gap thrifted grey sweater j. crew chambray shirt dealia’s black pants old navy sandals


the thing about outfits is… i don’t usually have much to say about them. the thing about this outfit is… it’s probably one of my most worn. black pants + chambray shirt = easy win. not very original, but when it works, it works. right?

i mentioned recently there were several rummage sales, and that i sallied forth and purchased rummaged goods. you’ve seen a few things, but i thought i’d show you a couple other acquisitions!

portrait of a lady

portrait of a (sad?) lady. i think she looks lovely in my wall o’ black & white stuffs. except where the spackled holes need to be touched up with paint. the bottom of the portrait is a tad waterstained, but my decorative ikea containers cover that nicely.

recipe box

i’ve been looking for a cute recipe box for a while. in my imagination, it was painted in the style of nordic rosemaling, but i have found any variety of decorative recipe boxes difficult to find, and i quite like this one. i’ve actually tweaked the kitchen further since i took this picture. do you guys get sick of my kitchen vignettes? it doesn’t seem like i get sick of moving little things hither and thither, especially in the kitchen.

i also found these:

nautical dishes

if any of you find yourselves in need of getting my friend caitlin a gift, there are three surefire wins: get her anything blue & white striped, anything nautically themed, or anything bee themed. there is also a certain style of rustic baroque to which she is very partial, but that’s more ‘i know it if i see it, but i couldn’t explain it to you’. so when i saw this amazing set of dishes, i had to get them for her, limited cabinet space be damned! aren’t they fab?

those were some of my acquisitions! have you had any thrifty luck recently?


aqua brand navy waterfall cardigan target belt old navy dress mystery boots


i had the belt under the sweater, but i kept getting cold at work and holding my sweater closed. then i realized that the belt could do all that work for me!

it’s been too long since you saw some knitting, so….

triangle loop

this bad boy is done. i did some fancy footwork to kitchener it together. it still needs some blocking.

kay's tote

more colorwork!

outfit #5:

j. crew navy silk button down
borrowed from jake braided belt
delia’s black jeans from plato’s closet
galeria grey wingtips


in an ideal world this would be ironed. i am not an idealist. and i rarely iron.


my nails were painted a pale pale pink with gold sparkles. very feminine. but they peeled off in gratifyingly large pieces, so… they didn’t last too long.

outfit #6


aqua brand navy waterfall sweater
j. crew grey ruffle tank
borrowed from jake braid belt
anthropologie cream skirt
old navy sandals




steps to the lake

jills ships and seaside cowl

we also took pictures of jill’s beautiful ships & seaside cowl (ravelry project page!). isn’t it gorgeous? i remembered how much i enjoyed making mine when i saw hers… and i just love the colors!


#7 i felt like taking sunday off, but i got talked into it by jake & jill


borrowed from jill scarf
target white tee
delia’s black jeans
old navy sandals

thanks to jake for outfit 5 pictures, and jillie for the rest!

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