that’s the only justification i have for this silly face.

h & m jacket
thrifted gap sweater, enzo angiolini shoes
target blouse, jeans

i’m a little on the fence with these shoes. are they a little too old for me? or just classic? either way, they are comfortable, and totally work appropriate.


i was shopping with friends at west elm this weekend. i should’ve taken off the jacket for at least one picture. i thrifted this sweater a week or two ago for a few dollars, it’s a little big on me, so i thought of taking it apart for yarn. but i folded up the cuffs a couple times, and i’ve been reaching for it almost every day as a perfect light weight spring layering piece. it’s warm and slouchy, but not opressively winter-y, it’s got some really nice details, while still being basic… i’m not sure that i will take apart at all, in fact. you’ll be seeing more of it at the rate i’ve been wearing it.

does that ever happen to you? you buy something, and it feels so perfectly right that you work it into every outfit for a week?

in a moment of weakness, i gave into my natural inclination towards cast-on-initis and started a coral and cream triangle loop (because there isn’t enough coral in my life already, i guess?):

triangle loop- cream & coral

hooray for triangles!