joss whedon. i’m a big fan (this isn’t the first time i’ve mentioned it). have you seen the avengers yet? we saw it. twice. possibly going to have to go again. if you click on the picture, it links to a fantastic interview with him from wired. joss, just keep doing what you do. i love it.

brooklyn to west is a blog i just found out about. i’ve had hints of it’s existence in the form of a design*sponge sneak peak to her place, but a little while ago daniel of manhattan nest tweeted about ariele painting her doors black, and i read through several back pages of her blog in one sitting. it’s lots of beautiful beautiful woodwork (the picture above is her shop), a good dose of tea, shop cat, and baking, and occasional peaks into her home. check it out!

Source: via Eliza @ ifandany on Pinterest

hodgins. from bones. he’s my *favorite*. angela doesn’t deserve him. but then again, no one asked me. plus i’m taken. and he’s fictional. so… i’ll let it go. probably.

the brick house‘s diy table with color dipped legs. (can i call table legs gams?) anyone have a slab of gorgeous wood for me to turn into a table? what’s that? there’s no space in the apartment for something of that nature? nevermind that, i’ll make the space!

friday’s fifth fave doesn’t have a picture, and even if i had a picture, it’s not the most aesthetically pleasing thing. but i’m very excited that tonight i get a rare treat: the chipotle chicken burrito from picante. nom nom nom nom!

other news: monday will mark the beginning of a 15 for 15! same rules apply as the 30 for 30 (15 items of clothing, 15 different outfits, all blogged for your enjoyment!), but with slightly less commitment! anybody care to join? you are more than welcome!

also, tomorrow, i’m very excited to share with you my first ever home tour! i took some pictures of a friends apartment and i’m very excited to share them with you!