it’s always first! was that joke at all clear? never mind. pay attention to this instead: this is the first of 15 outfits in my remix!

first outfit

aqua brand rummaged waterfall cardigan
j. crew grey ruffle tank top
delia’s black jeans via plato’s closet
old navy sandals

first outfit

i’m a little off my A-game. trying to take these pictures, i had given myself plenty of time, was all dressed, even put my face on for you folk (want to look my best!)… but things kept going wrong. i just got a tripod at the rummage sale last week! today was my first time using it. i unfolded it, and realized i needed a coin/screwdriver to affix the camera to the little platform thingy (that is the technical term, i’m pretty sure). ran to retrieve a quarter (oklahoma). affixed the camera to the tripod. started taking pictures with my wee powershot (i haven’t even brought my nikon into the store to be fixed. aren’t i just awful?), and thought, man, 10 seconds is too long, i start to look bored or wooden by the 10 second mark. so i tried 2 seconds, and got lots of pictures of me turning. then the batteries died. my life is so full of drama!

on the other hand it is a clear and gorgeous day! i’m starting a 15 for 15 with rebecca! jake and i just got firefly on DVD and are working our way through all of the episodes for perhaps the fifth or sixth time? nothing can get me down if i don’t let it! huzzah!

i owe you a post detailing all of my picks for this remix, but i’m gonna spend a little time on it, see if i can’t make it a slightly pretty thing instead of just a servicable thing. i may yet fail! only time will tell!