well, i gave myself three days to try to figure out something fancy and prettiful to do to show you my 15 picks, but i haven’t come up with anything. so i’ll go to my fallback, the rather bland pictures i took on monday.

the shirts:


the chambray, navy silk, and grey tank are all j. crew. the white t-shirt is from target.



navy waterfall is aqua brand, grey cardigan gap, and the cream lace sweater is delia’s. all thrifted. you’ve seen all three of these before!


skirt + dress

the skirt is anthropologie, the dress is old navy.



green chinos are j. crew, black jeans are delia’s.



grey wingtips are from galeria, the boots are a mystery, and the sandals are old navy.

since you are all smart cookies, you’ll realize i’m one short here. the problem is this: i had 17 items, and 3 of them were equally unnecessary… so, you know. 14. if i need a freebie, i guess i’ll use it then. or maybe i’ll make 15 outfits out of 14 items?