i’ve been thinking on some knitting i’d like to do… i can’t yet, i have several projects i need to take care of. but! i will get to you soon, you cute utilitarian tote bag of my dreams! in the meantime, i thought i’d share the super cute bags i’ve been seeing around the internet that are informing my imagination about this bag i want to make.

super cute jute storage bag from brookfarm general store. love the wide stripes in natural toned colors.

love the leather straps, the proportions, and the dipped bottom (so practical!) of this bag from bookhou at home (it’s also possible i’ve posted it before… what can i say, i have a crush), which looks like a fabulously useful size without being large enough to way overfill.

bag by doug johnston via i’m revolting. this is appealingly substantial and sturdy looking.

jake and i are taking the weekend off. i’m not sure what the internet access will be. so i might see you tomorrow, but i might see you monday with several outfits to post about!