outfit #5:

j. crew navy silk button down
borrowed from jake braided belt
delia’s black jeans from plato’s closet
galeria grey wingtips


in an ideal world this would be ironed. i am not an idealist. and i rarely iron.


my nails were painted a pale pale pink with gold sparkles. very feminine. but they peeled off in gratifyingly large pieces, so… they didn’t last too long.

outfit #6


aqua brand navy waterfall sweater
j. crew grey ruffle tank
borrowed from jake braid belt
anthropologie cream skirt
old navy sandals




steps to the lake

jills ships and seaside cowl

we also took pictures of jill’s beautiful ships & seaside cowl (ravelry project page!). isn’t it gorgeous? i remembered how much i enjoyed making mine when i saw hers… and i just love the colors!


#7 i felt like taking sunday off, but i got talked into it by jake & jill


borrowed from jill scarf
target white tee
delia’s black jeans
old navy sandals

thanks to jake for outfit 5 pictures, and jillie for the rest!