gap thrifted grey sweater j. crew chambray shirt dealia’s black pants old navy sandals


the thing about outfits is… i don’t usually have much to say about them. the thing about this outfit is… it’s probably one of my most worn. black pants + chambray shirt = easy win. not very original, but when it works, it works. right?

i mentioned recently there were several rummage sales, and that i sallied forth and purchased rummaged goods. you’ve seen a few things, but i thought i’d show you a couple other acquisitions!

portrait of a lady

portrait of a (sad?) lady. i think she looks lovely in my wall o’ black & white stuffs. except where the spackled holes need to be touched up with paint. the bottom of the portrait is a tad waterstained, but my decorative ikea containers cover that nicely.

recipe box

i’ve been looking for a cute recipe box for a while. in my imagination, it was painted in the style of nordic rosemaling, but i have found any variety of decorative recipe boxes difficult to find, and i quite like this one. i’ve actually tweaked the kitchen further since i took this picture. do you guys get sick of my kitchen vignettes? it doesn’t seem like i get sick of moving little things hither and thither, especially in the kitchen.

i also found these:

nautical dishes

if any of you find yourselves in need of getting my friend caitlin a gift, there are three surefire wins: get her anything blue & white striped, anything nautically themed, or anything bee themed. there is also a certain style of rustic baroque to which she is very partial, but that’s more ‘i know it if i see it, but i couldn’t explain it to you’. so when i saw this amazing set of dishes, i had to get them for her, limited cabinet space be damned! aren’t they fab?

those were some of my acquisitions! have you had any thrifty luck recently?