whoa. i didn’t mean to disappear! i guess i needed a break?

now, to finish up those things i left unfinished, here’s my final outfit:


target navy tee forever21 braided belt anthropologie cream skirt old navy sandals

if you’re all like ‘whoa! hey! that t-shirt wasn’t part of the original selection!’, i say ‘i only chose 14, remember?’ (and then i mumble something about all my shirts needing to be washed).

and since i took pictures of this outfit a full week ago, i’m just going to tell you what outfit 13 was: white target tee, this same anthropologie skirt, brown j. crew belt, and motorcycle boots. my grey sweater was on standby but it was a warm day, and i wasn’t at cold work, so it never got used. i was inspired by this pin, though i don’t think i was quite as successful.

coming soon: 15 for 15 wrap up, and a finished cowl!