i think it went well! i really limited my palette for this remix (less pieces to work with meant they all had to play nice together), so i ended up with a selection of pieces that i really really like, and all of these outfits are very… ‘me’. comfortable, unfussy, some are quite cute, some are pretty meh (downside of doing something daily, you can’t choose to take the meh days off).

pieces: my black jeans and sandals really got a work out this time. my navy blouse, on the other hand, got the short end of the stick, for no real reason. i’m glad i broke out the anthropologie skirt. i bought it cuz i love it, but it makes me feel a tad hip-y (as in large in the hip region, not earthy flower child), so forcing myself to remix it has worn down my intimidation of it.

i had fun! i hope you did, too!

as a side note, i followed rebecca‘s lead, and used pic monkey for the collage, and loved it! so flexible and easy!