i just bought an external hard drive, something i’ve been meaning to do for eons and eons. so now i’m going through the last several years worth of pictures, weeding out and deleting all of the out of focus, extraneous, unattractive and generally unnecessary photos that i’ve been too lazy to delete previously. after the weeding, i’ll toss them on the external hard drive, but! as i’m going through them, i’ve found a few outfit photos from days of yore (ie- last summer) that never got blogged, and i thought… well, why not share them?


old navy dress j. crew chambray forever21 belt mystery boots

ah… this picture was taken after spending about an hour in the car. i was the ‘navigator’ and got us supremely lost (my ability to get from a to b and a to c is very sound, but when you have to get from b to c… it gets tricky), so i was a tad grumpy at myself when these pictures were being taken. plus, i had taken my cue from this pin, and did not feel that i had succeeded in the sweet casual chicness of that outfit. thusly, it never made it to the blog.


forever21 dress, belt indigo sandals

i wore this to a friends beautiful outdoor wedding (haha! that features a photo of jake & i fist bumping the bride & groom, i’d totally forgotten about that). dressing for events is one of the reasons i actually started documenting my outfits. i can get quite stressed out about looking right for certain types of events, especially weddings or fancier parties. i tear out a mountain of clothes, try on different outfits for a while, and can generally stress myself out. i would love to figure out one really fabulously fool-proof wedding outfit (something like this would be fabulous!), but that is easier said than done.

i’ll let you know if i find any others!