have you been wondering what’s happening in my knitting world? yeah, me too. i’m in a bit of a knitting funk. knitting mojo, wherefore have you gone? honestly, i’m not sure why this knitting malaise came on… but here it is. but this last weekend, i was at a friends place, and she showed me something seriously exciting…

do you see it? do you?!

here, i’ll give you a hint:

wonder womans mitts o' truth!

my friend, who is friends with both the author and the photographer, was asked to lend some winter clothing/accessories for the cover shoot, and among them were the wonder womans mitts of truth! (ravelry project page and blog post). the book is office girl by joe meno.

last night, after getting seriously sick of looking at myself while going through my pictures (i’m not done yet…), i decided to try to do something about my knitting malaise, and pulled out my very nearly complete sweater:

getting close!
(ravelry project page and blog post)

and i cast on for the neckline and finished that within two hours. nothing like finishing a long term project to give you a sense of accomplishment! gotta sew in the ends and either block it or give it a quick steam, and then: pictures!