one of my all time favorite beers is ‘blanche de bruxelles’, and i have wondered for quite a while now why the beer’s symbol was a cherubic tyke taking a wizz. while i was link hopping around the interwebs the other day, i found out that it’s actually a fountain in brussels, the mannekin pis, which is of similar cultural signifigance as, for example, the little mermaid statue in copenhagen. isn’t it nice to have another mystery solved?

click on the photo for the original

as an added bonus, this little dude has a collection of around 250 costumes maintained by friends of the mannekin pis.

lizzie bennet diaries! a modernized vlogging adaptation of pride & prejudice. click on this here linky link for the playlist, if you like what you see up above! i’m totally hooked!

i’ve been watching them on youtube. and i’m a leetle obsessed. what fun!

wikipedia has a list of gestures which is the kind of thing i love! i was searching for the origin of the awkward turtle… that question has not been adequately answered.

this week i taught my cousin (and his friend) how to knit. at their request! best of ever!