i had a great fourth of july this year. i even decided to go crazy and actually wear holiday appropriate colors! #notateenageranymore


gifted hat j. crew gingham shirt canvas black shorts unisa rummaged red-orange stamped leather huaraches

the fourth was around a hundred degrees (fahrenheit, obviously) and extra muggy. we watched the fireworks over the lake (it’s been drought conditions here for several weeks now), and just dipping my feet in the lake felt like walking into a walk-in freezer. we also bought huge new york style slices of pizza for dinner while watching the fireworks. we have a 4th of july tradition of watching a movie after the fireworks so we don’t have to deal with the traffic, and this year we watched brazil, which i loved. but more on that later, as there were several fab knits in it, and i’m hoping to do a daydream knitting post just as soon as i find the right screen shots (which is turning out more difficult than i would have guessed).

while i tend not to get overly personal on this here bloggity (and i’m not likely to) i have in the last several months frequently found myself feeling that my life is pretty flippin’ great. and i definitely had one of those moments on the fourth. i got to be surrounded by people i loved all day long, having fun, eating good food, and watching the sparkly fireworks at the lake while eating a piece of pizza felt simply GRAND.