here’s the thing about blogging: i learn so much! i’m constantly learning new things, and i love that!

for example: i just learned that my camera has a 2 second delayed remote, which means that i can hit the remote, and then quickly stash it out of sight before the picture gets taken!


ebew- colorblocking!

ebew- colorblocking!

ebew- colorblocking!

to clarify on my description of my maxi skirt being modified, it started it’s life as a maxi dress, not a maxi skirt. see it as a maxi dress, and i tried it once as a skirt, too, before i actually chopped off the top part this morning. oh, and now that i think on it, the maxi was thrifted too!

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edit: haha, just fixed like four spelling errors. that’s what i get for trying to write a blog post while watching the princess bride!