normally, today would be a fave friday, but honestly, i’ve been thinking about it all week and nothing felt right! do you have any ideas for me? or anything you’d like to see up on this blog? so in lieu of a fave friday, you get: daydream knitting!

it’s been a little while since my last daydream knitting post! i’ve been keeping my eye out as i go through movies, but either the movies i’ve been watching haven’t featured droolworthy knits, or it’s been difficult to find images of them! but, at last! a new daydream knitting post, courtesy of: the amazing spiderman!

this image is probably a set shot, which i grabbed via the tumblr emma stone daily.

look at that hat! what clay coloured, cabled, bobbled and eyelet perfection! fantastic!

here at casa ifandany, we love superhero movies, and we loved sam raimi/tobey maguire’s spiderman’s (except the third one, obviously, whose existence we try really hard to ignore). so we went to the amazing spiderman with mixed feelings. and actually, at the end of the movie i had mixed feelings, too! but andrew garfield was pretty great. and so was this hat.

i was all prepared to whip up a list of similar looking patterns, only to find that someone (hailey knits) has already made a pattern for this hat! huzzah! go forth and make your own gwen stacy hat (y’know, if that’s what you’re into!).

have any of you gone to see the amazing spiderman? what’d you think? anyone else want in on that hug he gave his aunt at the end? any fave friday suggestions to put into the suggestion box?