i had a request for a daydream knitting featuring the sweater that gwen stacy was wearing in the same scene that she was wearing her lovely cables, bobbles and eyelets hat:

from state of graceee tumblr (clicky-click picture for the post), which credits just jared as the original source, but i looked & looked for the original to give credit where credit was due but i couldna find tha picture…

image from quatniss tumblr (clicky-click picture for the post).

snowbird by PiPiBird (who both designed it and knit it: ravelry project page, design page)

snowbird would be the pattern i would use as a base for re-creating this cardigan. it would be easy enough to use stockinette, as opposed to the reverse stockinette featured in the body of the knit. the stockinette edging could also easily be swapped out for garter, instead. the only real question is, does gwen stacy’s sweater feature a hood? i can’t be certain, but the pictures do kind of make it look like it does… a quick google search makes it seem like a little math and effort could make it happen, or you could steal some numbers and shaping from any one of these free hooded seamless raglan patterns

since this is a hypothetical project, upon which i can spend pretend money instead of real money, i might as well say that it would look very close to the original, and quite quite lovely, in brooklyn tweed shelter in the nest colorway, for a nice lofty, tweedy yarn.