j crew chambray shirt, belt, ladybug necklace gifted black skirt, jet ring, seiko watch old navy sandals


i tried straightening my hair. i wanted to see how long it actually is (curls tend to skew things a bit). anyways, i’m not great at straightening my hair. in fact, i’m not great at dealing with my hair. and i really need to get it cut soon. i’m oscillating between trimming just a bit, to try to keep some length, and chopping off a few inches to get rid of much of the really damaged ends. i’m also still not sure if i’m growing my bangs out or if i should trim them back…

one of my *favorite favorite* things that fashion bloggers do is show different ways that they have styled the same piece, and i think i have amassed enough outfits now to start doing that, too!!!

so, *ahem*, let’s take a look at some of my favorite outfits using this shirt, shall we?

2/15 pinspiration

DSC_2774 DSC_2795

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