summer edition

everytime i try to photograph the items i’m using for a remix, i find it very challenging to present them in an attractive manner… i’ve tried something new this time, and while i don’t think it’s perfect, i do think it’s better than previously!

anyways… ready for the contestants?

tees & tanks:
some stripes, a little color, and some grey…

pretty basic, with a little color.

not pictured (read- last minute decision) is my fuschia cotton cardigan as seen here.

skirts & shorts:
i own a ridiculous number of skirts considering the frequency with which i wear them. let’s do something about this!

pants & maxi:
because this is what i opt for over skirts the majority of the time!

i always find dresses surprisingly versatile when remixing.

not shown: my most comfortable sandals ever, also seen here.

you can kinda tell i took these pictures in three very differently lit situations… picking 30 items is a bit of a process for me, and while i’m making these decisions, the sun refused to stay still! can’t say i blame it. as usual, i picked 29. i can’t tell if i actually cannot pick 30 items, or if the idea of having a wild card to cash in later is like a security blanket to me. but most likely it’s one of those two.

joining me in the remixing challenge is rebecca, ness, and tara! whoo! check them out!

coming attractions: my first outfit!