and… we’re off!


(i don’t know what’s up with my ‘tude here.)



j. crew seafoam jackie cardigan, widdle elephant necklace target thrifted grey henley tee, and probably these earrings pink thrifted jeans unisa thrifted stamped orange huaraches

try not to be too jealous of the finger-crocheted bracelet that my colleague put about 15 seconds of effort into for me today (including tying it onto my wrist).

these shoes are nearing the end of their shoe life. i’m a little concerned, because i love the spice they add to any outfit. i’ve already had them resoled. where do you find replacement tomato-red stamped leather huaraches?

i was so busy trying to pick items for this remix this weekend that i never put a thought into what my first outfit should be. so i went for comfort this morning. turns out it was a good idea, as i ended up cleaning out a storage closet at work today!

check out my lovely fellow remixers: rebecca, ness, and tara. now if you’ll excuse me, there’s a novel that’s already stolen several of my leisure hours today, and i’m quite eager to relinquish a few more.