seeing double- palescale
(i’ve been having a lot of fun with picmonkey recently…)


j crew button down forever 21 belt anthropologie skirt bertie’s thrifted boots

i was wondering how ebew would work this month, what with the 30 for 30 going on simultaneously. when the theme was announced as monochromatic, i ran to my picks post to brainstorm. it was made very easy for me, as cream is the only color i have an entire outfit of! which is weird because i don’t really consider it a favorite. i guess it’s more that it’s a neutral. and i’ve done the palescale before. (oh. i just realized i could’ve done grey also. oh well!)

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here, i got you something:

wild snapdragons

it’s a pretty picture of a field of wild snapdragons that i took this weekend! you like?

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